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Medical Billing Services | Medical Billing Service Specialists
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Medical Billing Services


Medical Billing Services:

Now we can automate your entire billing process - from starting point of Data entry, Charge Capturing, Claim Submission & Re-imbursement by the payer. We provide Medical Billing Services at 3-5 % of collected amount. For further details please Contact Us - Call Us: (800) 360-9827

Our Proven Billing Methodology provides you Accuracy. We know your pain-points. Let us show you how to Increase patient traffic!

With our Integrated Billing Services we can increase the efficiency of entire billing process by decrease in errors, delays of payments, denials which increase your cash flow.

Sign up today to get all exciting services We show you the way to increase your payment flow, while decreasing the coding errors, submitting clean claims and faster recovery on collected amounts.

  • Access Anywhere: You can access your Billing aspects anytime anywhere.
  • More Patients: Once we take control of Medical Billing, immediately you will see an increase of patient’s traffic up to 35%.
  • More Revenue: We let you focus on your core business, which means more Revenue for your Practice.
  • More Accuracy: We maintain Quality level at every stage of claim processing to check patient demographics, coding, billing & claim submission errors to guarantee 99% clean claims.
  • Security and Business Continuity: The entire process is HIPAA compliant and encrypted processes.
  • Enhanced Reporting Structure: You can access different reports. Which are useful in audit, complete patient charts documentation available for verification.

Revenue Cycle Management (Medical Billing Services): 

As part of our healthcare IT services, EMRWorkforce provides electronic medical billing and insurance claims processing services to healthcare providers. Being medical billing specialists with years of experience, we offer physicians billing services with professionalism and accuracy at highly competitive rates. Our unique model offers a highly cost-effective and reliable solution to medical billing service providers targeting higher growth rates, larger capacities and better return on investments (ROI)

We process claims for all healthcare agencies that use the HCFA 1500 form, and dental practices that use the standard American Dental Association form and can also process hospital out-patient UB-92 forms.

Range of our Billing Services:

  • Electronic claims submission
  • HCFA forms processing
  • Patient information and charge entries
  • CPT, ICD- 9 and HCPCS coding
  • Online Web based Customized Management Information Reports
  • Scheduling
  • Information coordination
  • Patient demographics/insurance entry
  • Code checking and analysis
  • Posting of charges
  • Claims submission (electronically & manually)
  • Posting of payments-EOBs
  • Sending patient statements
  • Follow up (Third Party, Patient & Provider) Comprehensive reporting & analysis


Our Software has a proven track record and is most reliable and efficient. Our general features include

  • Secure system with three layer protection mechanism
  • Has the capability to process both CMS-1500 and UB-92 forms
  • Electronic submission with a few clicks
  • Instant access from anywhere with Internet connection
  • Supported by people with 25 years of medical billing experience
  • The support staff can control your terminal for training purposes


An evaluation is performed on each medical practice/provider based on payments NOT charges. This will allow us to determine the needs of the practice and how to charge for services rendered. This ensures that the client is not being overcharged or undercharged for the desired services.

During the evaluation, certain facts are gathered such as: 

  • The time it will take to key patient and claims information into the software.
  • The approximate number of claims a practice will submit monthly.
  • The approximate "total dollars" a practice submits monthly to insurance carriers.
  • How accurate is the information obtained from the office (is it complete and easy to enter or does it require extensive editing and follow-up?).
  • How often will the information need to be gathered (based on claims volume).
  • What method is best to collect the information (personally, e-mail, FAX, Federal Express, downloading via modems).

Other services that may interest the practice.

Billing Solution

Imagine eliminating those costly interruptions - the biller called in sick, paying for sick leave, training new employees, figuring out what happened to your claim, etc. Leave the headaches of bill processing to us! We operate 6 days a week. You will never have to worry about your claims not being processed and followed up on a timely basis.

More Time for You, More Cash for You, No Up Front Cost

Medical Practice Benefits:

  • More time to provide superior health care services.
  • More time for treatment plans and necessary paperwork pertaining to patients.
  • More time to develop in-house marketing efforts.

Expedite Cash Flow:

  • Insurance payments in 7 to 14 days.
  • Up to 50% faster reimbursement compared to mailed claims.
  • Claim submission error reduction.
  • Secure online bill tracking.
  • Increased percentage of collected claims, fewer rejected claims.
  • Challenge of all rejected claims.
  • Reduction of medical practice overhead.
  • Free consultation.
  • Analysis reports to assist your Practice Management.

Improve Time, Efficiency and Control:

  • Updates on all insurance changes regarding claims and coding procedure.
  • Constantly in contact with insurance carriers.
  • Updates on all relevant changes regarding claims processing.
  • Overnight confirmation of claims acceptance.
  • No more worries about staff turnover.
  • Allows the staff to focus on their patient's ills rather than their bills.

What we need from your practice:

  • Complete patient demographics and insurance.
  • Pre-certification and verification of benefits.
  • Charge sheets with level of service provided, diagnoses (as many as possible), and any procedures.
  • Rates starting at 8% of your collected amount 
  • HIPAA compliant 
  • 25 years of professional billing experience 
  • 24 hr toll free customer hotline

Denial Management (Medical Billing Services):

At EMR Workforce, we find that to ensure efficient revenue cycle denial elimination through proper denial management is imperative. In the health care industry payers often find reasons to underpay, deny or delay payments. Not only do we appeal denials but we also track and analyze patterns that lead to this problem so that it can be addressed early on. The procedures and processes that we have in place ensure maximum reimbursement to your practice

EMRWorkforce specializes in claims consulting to healthcare providers and provides your practice a unique facility for re-imbursement of your pending payments. If you’ve pending payments to different carriers due to errors in billing we will recover those payments for you. Our experienced claims consultants will carefully assess every detail of your claim and the insurance carrier's denial, in an attempt to determine the most appropriate and effective action to be taken on accounts placed with us. Further, we will research the most recent case and statutory laws, which support payment on your insurance claims.


We do pre-collections follow up for claims which have "reject/resubmit" status and have aged beyond 60 - 90 days and are not ready to be assigned to collections. We believe that there is significant value in pursuing these types of claims on behalf of your healthcare facility, particularly in the wake of resource limitations that can prohibit your facility from processing these claims with the same timeliness as the newer claims.

In spite of timely payment rules in many states, a common complaint of all hospitals is difficulty in collecting accounts, which are 60 to 90 days old. Many hospitals have a difficult time reprocessing such claims.

Our goal is to lessen the burden of un-collectible accounts on your facility's financial health. We facilitate our customers with,

Denial Analysis and Follow-Up:

At EMR Workforce we have a complete solution for denial analysis and for their follow-ups. We conduct thorough analysis of every denied claim, make the necessary corrections, and follow-up to convert it into a clean claim. We help you in improving your revenue realization. We help you to introduce every possible preventive measures for your future billing. We maintain a Turn around time of 48-96 hours for denials.

Insurance Follow-Up

We run aging reports to categorize (Oldest to Largest & Highest to Lowest) outstanding claims and follow-up with particular insurance carriers. We help our clients in improving revenue realization. Our team of experienced professionals helps you to reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs). We maintain a Turn around time of 45-50 days for DSOs.

Patient Follow-Up

At EMR Workforce we follow-up with the Patients for outstanding payments. We help in improving your revenue realization.  We help in timely recovery of payments. Timely follow-up with patients helps reduce bad-debts and maintain better customer relations.


  • An alternative to immediate collection agency placement
  • We successfully secure full benefits of claims previously denied
  • Provider can maintain good patient/provider relations
  • Overall improvement of financial performance, cash flow and profitability


Collection of these accounts typically requires:

  • Submission of medical or operative records
  • Patient completion of coordination of benefits or other forms
  • Correction of improper billing information
  • Re-submission to the proper carrier

Two-pronged strategy would be adopted

  • To gather denial/rejections details, reasons etc through follow ups
  • To take appropriate actions, i.e. re-filing of claims etc

1. Follow Ups

We track denials, log what has been denied, why, how, and when the claim was filed to the greater levels
of details.

Keeping in view electronic transactions standards (276/2777) of HIPAA, we will get to the bottom of the claims status, & then will hit the claims accordingly which may include knowing:

  • Pre-adjudication (accepted/rejected claim status)
  • Claim pended for development (incorrect/incomplete claim(s) within adjudication process) or suspended claim(s) requesting additional information
  • Finalized claims. Further defined, finalized claims may have outcomes that include finalized rejected claim(s), finalized denied claim(s), etc.

It should be kept in mind that denials out of medical necessity (miss-coding of claims) will be easy to handle and collect. The denials due to timely filing and incorrect or incomplete information can turn out to be more problematic, especially for claims of a year old or more. 

2. Re-filing of Claims

Reviewing of the reasons for denial, making necessary changes and resubmitting the bills.

For further details please Contact Us - Call Us: (800) 360-9827


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